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Work Schemes of Key Infrastructures in 2015 Get the Go-ahead
 Date: 2015-01-23  Page Views:

The 2015 plans of the RADI-based China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station and remote sensing aircraft were approved at the Enlarged Session of the RADI Engineering Technical Committee held on January 19. In addition, two RADI proposals to win the support of the CAS Program for the Maintenance and Renovation of Major S&T Infrastructures this year passed the scrutiny of this panel of experts at the meeting.

After listening to the work reports of the two infrastructures, the panel, which was is headed by Prof. GU Xingfa, RADI Deputy Director, listened to the work reports of the two infrastructures, made inquiries and reviews. While giving the nod to their work schemes and budgets in the new year 2015, the experts called on S&T workers to stay ahead of the curve and take comprehensive considerations when blueprinting their future programs.

In addition, the panel supported the projects of building antenna housing at the receiving station in Kashi and renovating the remote sensing satellite data processing and deep-processing system at RADI. The projects are important and urgent, says the panel, because they are of significance for building up the capacity of remote sensing satellite ground station to deliver rapid data and information services to the users across the country.


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