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WCOM International Seminar Held in Beijing
 Date: 2014-12-08  Page Views:

On November 20 and 21, 2014, an international seminar of the Water Cycle Observation Mission (WCOM) was held in Beijing. Nearly 20 international experts attended the seminar and delivered a report respectively. They came from Switzerland’s International Space Science Institute, Britain’s University of Reading, the United States’ University of California, Santa Barbara, the United States’ Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the United States’ George Mason University, Spain’s Polytechnic University of Catalonia, France’s Centre for the Study of the Biosphere from Space (CESBIO), Finland’s Aalto University, etc.

At this seminar, attendees studied how satellite observations could facilitate the global water cycle research in terms of key topics, new ideas, future prospects, process modelling, forecast, data assimilation, as well as observation and inversion algorithm of key elements. They also discussed the key sciences and technologies that were used for the payload allocation and the platform planning required by the water cycle observation satellites as well as the targets and tasks the satellites would be used to achieve. In addition, they also discussed the possibility of further expanding international cooperation in this regard.

Prof. Roger Bonnet, special advisor of CAS’s Dedicated Project on Strategic and Leading Technology of Space Science, summed up the discussions made on the seminar, fully recognized the importance of the WCOM’s targets and the necessity of carrying out the systematic satellite observations, and expressed that the smooth implementation of the WCOM’s satellite program would facilitate breakthroughs in the water cycle research. Besides, the experts present at the meeting also gave suggestions for further demonstrating and implementing the WCOM.

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