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The 91st Forum for Earth Observation and Digital Earth: LiDAR for Tectonic Geomorphology and Coseismic Deformation Studies
 Date: 2014-12-02  Page Views:

On November 20, 2014, two invited speakers, Dr.DONG Pinliang and Dr. LIU Jing, delivered two presentations on LiDAR for tectonic geomorphology and coseismic deformation studies at the 91st Forum for Earth Observation and Digital Earth chaired by Dr. WANG Cheng, Research Professor at the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Dr. Dong provided a review of airborne and terrestrial LiDAR for characterizing linear and planar geomorphic markers, including active faults in urban and forest environments. He also introduced applications of differential LiDAR data in coseismic deformation studies using examples from Japan, Mexico, and New Zealand. He concluded the presentation with an analysis of challenges and opportunities for LiDAR data in tectonic geomorphology and coseismic studies.


Dr. Liu introduced her research on active faults using LiDAR data at the California Institute of Technology, and her recent work on characterizing the Haiyuan Fault Zone in northwest China using airborne LiDAR and terrestrial LiDAR. She also analyzed the potential of LiDAR for studying active faults.


Dr. Dong is an Associate Professor at the Department of Geography, University of North Texas (UNT). He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of New Brunswick in Canada in 2003. He is a recipient of the Oak Ridge Associated Universities Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award, Intel Teacher of Merit Award, University of North Texas Honor Professor Award, and UNT College of Arts and Sciences Research Excellence Award. He has been a Guest Research Professor of RADI since 2010.


Dr. Liu is a Research Professor and Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics, China Seismological Bureau. She received her Ph.D. degree from the California Institute of Technology in USA in 2003, and did post-doctoral research at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris in France. Her research is supported by the Outstanding Young Researcher Program of the Natural Science Foundation of China. She received a Science and Technology Leadership Award from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

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