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GEOGLAM Implementation Plan Conference Held in Beijing
 Date: 2014-10-28  Page Views:

Hosted by GEO/GEOSS and organized by RADI, a GEOGLAM Implementation Plan Conference was held in Beijing from October 20 to 22. The theme of the conference is to review the progress made in the field of GEOGLAM over the past two years and refine the GEOGLAM implementation plan.

The meeting was attended by nearly 50 representatives from the GEO/GEOSS Secretariat, FAO, the United States, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand and China.

It was the fifth GEOGLAM conference of GEO/GEOSS. A wide range of issues were discussed at the meeting, including composition of the GEOGLAM Steering Committee, division of stages of the implementation plan, agricultural monitoring capability building programs in developing countries, JECAM development direction, GEOGLAM website construction, deployment & fund sources, GEOGLAM publicity, etc. Based on the results of discussion, the GEOGLAM Implementation Plan was modified and improved, and the next-step tasks, objectives and output of GEOGLAM were clarified.

Group photo of the conference.

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