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RSGS Wins CAS First Prize of Year 2014
 Date: 2014-11-04  Page Views:

At the CAS annual meeting held on October 28-29 for evaluating comprehensive operation of major S&T infrastructure facilities, China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station (RSGS) won first prize with a score of 94.29, the third highest among 13 facilities evaluated.

In 2013 RSGS successfully received data from and realized reliable operation of Gaofen-1, China’s first satellite launched for the major project of “High-resolution Earth Observation”, with important results achieved in data application. It also realized reception, processing, distribution and sharing of satellite data from LANDSAT-8 and SPOT-6, which is of great significance to the application of remote sensing in the country.

Thanks to the construction of a series of major national projects, RSGS’s capability to receive and process satellite data has be enhanced remarkably, and the receiving system’s key technical indicators have reached an internationally advanced level. Furthermore, the “Earth Observation Data Sharing Program” has been well received by the data users, generating remarkable social benefits.

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