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84th RADI Academic Forum Focuses on High Accuracy Surface Modeling
 Date: 2014-10-09  Page Views:

The 84th Earth Observation and Digital Earth Academic Forum of RADI was held on September 16, with a theme of the surface modeling based on the integration of satellite and ground. The forum was hosted by Prof. WANG Lizhe at RADI and the guest speaker is Dr. YUE Tianxiang, a leading professor of ecological modeling and spatially explicit simulation at the State Key Laboratory of Resources and Environment Information System.

In his speech, Dr. Yue introduced the main research area of his and his team since 1986, and then came to the method of surface modeling. The high accuracy surface modeling (HASM) is the main point of his speech. He introduced the differential geometry principle and history of HASM, and then introduced its successful applications in carbon satellite data processingDEM building and climate change simulations.

HASM is a high-precision modeling method, which is driven by global approximate data (remote sensing data and coarse resolution global model simulated data included) and controlled by local high precision data (monitoring network data and survey sampling data included). The modeling method is included by the international “Ecology Encyclopedia” and named YUE-HASM.

As simulation accuracy three times higher than the classical model, HASM is capable of solving the surface modeling error problem, which has troubled the geographic information systems (GIS) and computer-aided design (CAD) for a long time. .

Dr. Yue is working at the CAS Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, specializing in the resources and environment model and the system simulation. Dr. Yue and his team have innovatively developed a method of high accuracy surface modeling, a method of surface modelling of human population distribution in China, a change detection model, an ecological threshold model, a scaling ecological diversity model, and a patch connectivity model as well as a model base management system. He has simulated change trends of terrestrial ecosystems and population distribution since 1960s and scenarios of terrestrial ecosystems, land cover, and population distribution in future 90 years as well as food provision capacity. In addition, Dr. Yue has published more than 200 journal papers and 4 books.


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