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CSIRO Researcher Introduces 3D Mineral Map of Australia at RADI Academic Forum
 Date: 2014-09-28  Page Views:

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Chief Research Scientist Dr. Tom CUDAHY was invited to give an academic report titled “Earth Observation for mineral mapping and web-accessible 3D geoscience information of Australia” at the 85th Forum on Earth Observation and Digital Earth of RADI on September 18.

In his presentation, Dr. Tom described Australia as a continent that is old, weathered, flat and tectonically stable. The country is also mapped by using a range of digital, scalable, Earth sensing technologies, including geophysics (e.g. seismics, gravity, magnetics, radiometrics and electromagmetics), digital elevation models, 2D and 3D geological / regolith maps and satellite imagery like Landsat and MODIS. In 2012, a suite of mineral maps generated from the Japan-US ASTER satellite system were added to this free, public suite. Access to these National digital Earth Science data can be through a variety of web-portals, including the Auscope Discovery Portal ( and NASA’s 3D visualisation package called “Worldwind”, which is available through Geoscience Australia ( This presentation aims to show a live demonstration of these web-portals as well as cover background and geosciences applications of the ASTER mineral maps.

Dr. Tom Cudahy has over 25 years of research experience with Australia’s CSIRO in developing optical remote sensing and proximal technologies for mineral resources exploration and environmental monitoring, especially hyperspectral mineral mapping at visible to thermal infrared wavelengths. Tom has led numerous national and international collaborative research projects and been involved as a PI/member on various satellite science teams, including ASTER and Hyperion. He was also the foundation Director of the Western Australian Centre of Excellence for 3D Mineral Mapping (C3DMM) which established the first satellite derived mineral maps of a continent as well as seamless 3D mineral maps from “fresh rock to space”. These have been part of his vision to arm decision makers with public, web-accessible, accurate, traceable 4D mineral maps generated from a new generation of “mineral tuned” satellite, airborne, field and drill-core logging hyperspectral technologies.

Dr. Tom CUDAHY delivers a speech featured 3D mineral map of Australia.


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