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Dr.YANG Chenghai Delivers Keynote at RADI’s Academic Forum
 Date: 2014-09-22  Page Views:

Dr. YANG Chenghai, a renowned remote sensing scientist and agricultural engineer of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-Agricultural Research Service (ARS), visited RADI on September 16 and delivered an presentation entitled "Airborne Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging Systems for Precision Agriculture" at RADI’s 83rd Academic Forum of Earth Observation and Digital Earth, which was attended by nearly 40 researchers and graduate students.

In his presentation, Dr. Yang first gave a brief introduction of the USDA-ARS and its national research programs, and then discussed a number of airborne multispectral and hyperspectral imaging systems and airborne platforms used at his research center. He also talked about the limitations of the existing imaging systems and his work on the development of two low-cost, user-friendly imaging systems.

After reviewing the systems, Dr. Yang illustrated how these imaging systems have been used for precision agriculture and pest management with two case examples. In Example 1, “airborne hyperspectral imagery for mapping crop yield variability,” linear spectral unmixing was applied to reduce a hyperspectral image to a single layer for mapping yield variability. He concluded that a plant fraction image can be a better representation of relative yield than an NDVI. In Example 2, “using airborne imagery to monitor cotton root rot infection before and after fungicide treatment in San Angelo and Edroy of Texas” both color and NIR images were used to detect cotton root rot infection, monitor its progression, and assess the performance of fungicide treatment. He concluded that classification maps derived from multispectral imagery can be used for site-specific fungicide treatment, which could bring significant economic benefits for the management of the disease.

Dr. Yang also briefly discussed how the low-cost imaging systems can be used by aerial applicators for mapping crop weeds and assessing the efficacy of site-specific aerial herbicide application.

Dr. Yang is currently a senior scientist at the USDA-ARS Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center, with a research focus on the application of remote sensing and spatial information technology on precision agriculture and management of plant diseases and weeds. He has published more than 115 journal papers, 150 conference papers and 10 books or book chapters.

Dr. Yang delivers a presentation at RADI's academic forum.

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