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RADI Delegation Attends LTWG-23 Meeting
 Date: 2014-07-11  Page Views:

A RADI delegation led by Prof. HUANG Peng, the associate director of the China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station, together with two engineers CHEN Bo and WU Yewei, attended the 23rd Landsat Technical Working Group Meeting (LTWG-23) which was held by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) at Saskatoon, Canada, from June 9 to 13.

The meeting brought together more than 50 technical experts from USGS, NASA, ESA, the ground stations of Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Canada, German, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Gabon, Pakistan and China, MDA and Pinkmatter solutions companies.

During the meeting, the experts from USGS made the reports on Future Landsat Missions & Requirements, Landsat Operations Project, LANDSAT-7 and LANDSAT-8 Mission Operation Status, LANDSAT-8 On-Orbit OLI/TIRS Geometric and Radiometric Performance, Landsat Global Archive Consolidation (LGAC) and Landsat Data Validation & Exchange (DV&E), etc. Ground stations from various countries also reported their data achieve and distribution status, the latest results and future development plan.

Prof. HUANG made a Mission Operation Status report of Chinese ground stations on the meeting, and CHEN Bo made a special technical report on the Real Time Data Application.

The USGS’ technicians also held 1-on-1 meeting with RADI’s delegates. The discussion included the LANDSAT-8 data reception, mission operation status, LANDSAT Global Archive Consolidation (LGAC), information communication, etc.

The meeting provided an opportunity for RADI to understand the operation and technical status of LANDSAT, and to study and share the advanced technical result with other international ground stations. 

The group photo taken at the meeting.

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