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Studies of Silk Road Economic Belt Kick Off at RADI
 Date: 2014-07-07  Page Views:

The launch meeting of research into the patterns and development potential of resources and the environment in the Silk Road economic belt was held at RADI on June 25.

Chaired by Prof. GUO Huadong, CAS academician and Director-general of RADI, the meeting brought together more than 30 experts from over 10 government departments and research institutions, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Meteorological Administration, and the Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute of SINOPEC.

Under the auspices of the Academic Divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the project is designed to give strategic advice to the government for the planning of Silk Road economic belt, provide neighboring countries of the belt with space and environment information, and offer suggestions to concerned provinces and regions on urbanization and related environment and resources planning. In addition, it strives to promote the comprehensive S&T cooperation between China and central Asian countries and serve China’s diplomacy with neighboring countries.

At the meeting, eight experts presented reports on the implementation of the project from a disparate variety of aspects, including agriculture and water resource patterns, eco-environmental pattern and adaptation to global change, mineral resources and energy spatial distribution, urbanization and transport patterns, cultural heritage protection and the integration of civilizations, space information communication technology collaboration, strategy information and international cooperation.

As a result of fruitful discussions, participants reached the following consensus: based on natural science, the project will strengthen social science studies in such areas as geopolitics and economics, and humanities by polling advantageous research resources across the country. The team will speed up the implementation of the project so as to provide timely contributions of the overall national planning for the Silk Road economic belt.

The group photo taken at the launch meeting.

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