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Perry Peterson Expounds Discrete Global Grid System at RADI’s Forum
 Date: 2014-05-21  Page Views:

“A discrete global grid system (DGGS) is a spatial reference system that uses a hierarchical tessellation of regular cells to partition and address the globe.” a Digital Earth model represented by Prof. Perry Peterson on May 14 in RADI’s Earth observation and Digital Earth science forum, “Discrete global grid systems provide a uniform environment for combining and transforming multiple sources of geospatial content.”, the report demonstrated the DGGS using Remote Sensing in support of a Digital Earth Decision Making Environment.

Followed criteria “equal area cells in closely packed hierarchical tessellations, a homogenous value, with a unique identifier or indexing”, a visionary design proposed by Michael Goodchild, DGGS differ from conventional coordinate reference systems. It is made with fixed cell locations to ensure a repeatable representation of feature attribute values and the alignment of these values with other sources, with properties characterized by their tiling designs, cell addressing, quantization strategy, and associated mathematical functions.

As a global reference, DGGS is suited for high fidelity portrayal of the Earth’s properties, in terms of rapid on-demand data processing, storage, discovery, transmission, visualization, computation, analysis, and modeling.

Recognized as a world leader in the field of discrete global grid systems, Perry Peterson is the current President and CEO of the PYXIS innovation, professor of Engineering and Geomatics at Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology, and co-chair of the Open Geospatial Consortium Discrete Global Grid System Standards Working Group.

Perry Peterson in RADI’s Earth observation and Digital Earth science forum.


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