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2014 Operation Plans for Satellite Ground Stations and RS Airplanes Approved
 Date: 2014-04-22  Page Views:

The 2014 operation plans for China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station (RSGS) and remote sensing airplanes, two key S&T infrastructure facilities housed by RADI, received approval at the meeting organized by the CAS Bureau for Facility Support and Finance on April 16, 2014.

At the review meeting, the expert panel listened to the projects’ operation plans in 2014, looked over related documents, held talks with administrative personnel, and finally approved the plans.

Focusing on high-quality operation and innovative services, RSGS will make the best of its remote sensing satellite ground system to achieve receiving, processing, archiving and services of domestic and international satellite data, and satisfies the demands of Chinese users in the field of Earth observation by giving full play to the state-level civil satellite data center. In 2014, RSGS will carry out innovation-driven research through domestic and international cooperation, enhance automatic operation capability of the remote sensing satellite ground system, and support data acquisition of China’s new satellites.

Sticking to the principles of public-welfare flight and data sharing, RADI aims to achieve high-level flights of its remote sensing airplanes, carry out flights and flight tests for major scientific & technological projects and customers, and provide top-notch operation conditions and environment. Major tasks for the remote sensing airplanes in 2014 include the comprehensive test of “Aviation Remote Sensing System”, verifying the performance indexes of some sensors onboard the system. Moreover, RADI is ready for emergency flights in case of disasters, provide a platform for remote sensing flight tests, manage aerial remote sensing data and provide data sharing services.


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