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Shi Jiancheng Elected into IEEE Fellow
 Date: 2013-12-09  Page Views:

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) recently announced its List of Fellows of 2014. Prof. Shi Jiancheng from RADI was included in the list because of his contribution in the field of active and passive microwave remote sensing.

As one of the biggest and most influential technical associations in the world, IEEE is dedicated to research and development in electrics, electronics, computer engineering and IT-related fields, with more than 400,000 members from 160-plus countries. Being the highest-level members of the Institute, IEEE fellows are regarded as the most accomplished and most authoritative experts in their respective fields.

Prof. Shi is the Director of the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science. As associate editor of the IEEE journal Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (TGRS), he has repeatedly served as session chair of international symposiums on remote sensing such as IGARSS, PIERS, SPIE, etc. He is also an evaluation expert of multiple authoritative publications including the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing.

As an internationally renowned expert, Shi Jiancheng has long been engaged in basic theoretical research on remote sensing and water circulation, and has made outstanding achievements in such aspects as active and passive microwave radiation transfer mechanism modeling, soil moisture inversion, epicontinental hydrological model development, remote sensing data assimilation, etc.

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