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RADI Holds “Earth Observation and Digital Earth” Forum
 Date: 2013-10-25  Page Views:

Prof. MAO Zhihua, a researcher from the State Oceanic Administration was invited to give an academic report at the 67th session of the Earth Observation and Digital Earth Forum held by RADI on October 24, 2013.

Entitled "Progress of Ocean Color Remote Sensing", the report described in detail the progress of ocean color remote sensing mainly in three aspects, including atmospheric correction, water color inversion and remote sensing application. In terms of atmospheric correction, a satellite image was used as an example to show the importance of atmospheric correction, and the ENLF atmospheric correction method was described in detail. With respect to water color inversion, the inverse model of total suspended particulates of the CPTSM water body was highlighted. With regard to remote sensing application, the report centered on remote sensing monitoring over the red tide outbreak areas and red tide types.

MAO Zhihua is currently holding the posts of deputy director and doctoral supervisor of State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics, Chinese member of International Ocean-colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG), and person in charge of the "Innovation Team for Satellite Remote Sensing Technology for Oceans" in key fields as identified by the Ministry of Science and Technology. He is mainly engaged in the research of ocean color remote sensing.

Prof. MAO Zhihua gave a report on the progress of ocean color remote sensing.

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