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RADI about to Receive and Process SPOT-6 Satellite Data
 Date: 2013-07-15  Page Views:

Installation of the SPOT-6 satellite data processing system was completed and acceptance test was passed on 12 July 2013 at the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

RADI adopts domestically-made demodulators for receiving SPOT-6 satellite data and has independently developed the interface between satellite raw data and the processing system, thus realizing SPOT-6 data processing and data products production.  The SPOT-6 satellite data processing system is capable of providing panchromatic wave band, multi-spectral band, Pan-Sharping fusion and other forms of data products and its product processing level is divided into the Primary level and the Ortho level. With products in the DIMAP format, the system has a much-enhanced processing capacity of over 200 products per day.

The completion of installation and acceptance test of the SPOT-6 satellite data processing system means that the system is now operable and ready for product production in China.  RADI will then adjust the existing operation system to achieve fully automated operation of the SPOT-6 satellite data processing system as early as possible.

Launched by France as a high-resolution remote sensing satellite for Earth observation, with an imaging width of 60km, a panchromatic ground resolution of 1.5m, a 4-band visible light/near-infrared image ground resolution of 6m, as well as along-track and across-track large angle side-view imaging capabilities, the SPOT-6 satellite has a very high application value in land survey, resource exploration, crop management, surveying & mapping, project planning, environmental monitoring, and other fields.   

                                               System acceptance signing ceremony.  

                                                      SPOT-6 satellite multi-spectral data Ortho products

                                                      The Summer Palace, Beijing, received by Miyun Station on 6 July 2013 .

                               SPOT-6 satellite panchromatic data Ortho products

                               Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing, received by Miyun Station on 6 July 2013.



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