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RADI Researcher Gives Lecture on Remote Sensing Approach for Diagnosing Environment Health at the MOST - Organized International Workshop
 Date: 2017-07-27  Page Views:

An international training workshop for developing countries on mining resources and environmental management was held in July 18, 2017 in Inner Mongolia, attended by the international participants from Egypt, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia and other countries in the related fields, as well as participants from domestic colleges, research institutes and related enterprises.

Prof. CAO Chunxiang from RADI, together with Prof. GYOZO JORDAN from Eötvös University, Hungary were invited to give lectures on the workshop.

Prof. Cao's lecture themed on how to diagnose environmental health by remote sensing technology. She briefed the development of this research in China, emphasized that it is an interdisciplinary science, and detailed its applications in various fields to support China’s sustainable development.

The lecture focused on the research results of using remote sensing technology in specific areas including forest, wetlands, atmosphere, human activities interference and natural disasters. Through case studies, Prof. Cao tried to make students have a thorough understanding on the interdisciplinary research.

CAS, in partnership with TWAS, has launched a President’s PhD Fellowship Programme to support the students from developing countries to study in China. At this workshop, Prof. Cao also called on the students to make full use of opportunities provided by CAS, and choose to study RADI, and therefore use what they have learned to promote environmental management in their countries.

In response to China's Belt and Road Initiative, Prof. Cao held that the remote sensing should be widely used to promote the environment management in developing countries, and even all countries in the world. She suggested that joint training international talents is effective approach to boost the environment management across the world.

The International Training Workshop is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of China, aims to strengthen science and technology cooperation and exchanges between China and other developing countries, therefore to foster capabilities of independent innovation in other developing countries.


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