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RADI Scientists Visit UK Science and Technology Facilities Council
 Date: 2016-07-26  Page Views:

Prof. ZHANG Bing from RADI and his research team were invited to visit the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) on June 27 to collaborate on a joint project and promote further cooperation.

The meeting was held for RADI scientists and the project managers and researchers from STFC and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL). STFC and RAL project manager Hugh Mortimer and STFC Newton Innovation Fund agricultural technology project manager Jon Styles introduced the history and research background (e.g., spatial information technology, agricultural technology, environmental science, and particle physics) of STFC and RAL. Then, they introduced the projects funded by the Newton Innovation Fund in agri-tech areas. Prof. Zhang introduced the history and research background of RADI.

Prof. Zhang’s team paid a visit to the optical remote sensing laboratory, the laser laboratory, the intelligent robot research center, ISIS research center, and the synchrotron radiation light source.

Scientists from China and the UK discussed the cooperation potential of remote sensing theories, global change, agricultural technology, and resource and environment monitoring. Pooling the research advantages of RADI, STFC and RAL, scientists from both countries plan to collaborate in the future by applying for new projects as well as student and researcher exchanges to promote international scientific cooperation in global resources and environmental remote sensing.

Previously, RADI and some UK institutions applied for a joint project, “Integrating advanced Earth observation and environmental information for sustainable management of crop pests and diseases”, which was approved in April 2016 and co-funded by NSFC and STFC. This visit provides RADI and STFC a great opportunity to get to know each other, and has laid a solid foundation for further cooperation.

Both sides discuss the joint project and promote further cooperation.

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