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Seminar Held to Mark Sino-Hungarian 10-year Cooperation in Urban Environmental Remote Sensing
 Date: 2015-06-05  Page Views:

A Sino-Hungarian urban environmental remote sensing seminar was held on May 26 at RADI to celebrate 10-year cooperation in this field between RADI and its Hungarian partners from Obuda University. The seminar was attended by the research teams from both Obuda University and RADI, with the presence of two counsellors from the Embassy of Hungary, since the joint research is supported by a Sino-Hungarian Intergovernmental Cooperation Project. 

The seminar aims to summarize the research progress of decade long cooperation, discuss future cooperation pattern, direction and personnel training, therefore to promote higher level cooperation.

Prof. MENG Qingyan, head of RADI research team, delivered a report titled “The research achievement based on China-Hungary cooperation in 10 years”, summarizing the achievement on data sharing, model construction, technology introduction, software development, scientific research output, personnel training and international exchange etc. The Hungarian counterparts gave reports titled “Scientific research work in Obuda University”, “Remote Sensing Extraction of urban land surface environment parameters”, “3-D modeling and application of urban remote sensing”, etc.

Dr. Hortenzia Hossz, science and technology counsellor of the Embassy of Hungary, highly praised the decade long remote sensing cooperation between RADI and Obuda University, and regarded it as a successful case of Sino-Hungarian cooperation.

 A scene of the seminar.

Prof. MENG introduces the organizations hosted by RADI to the guests. 


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