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World Bank – Morocco Delegation Visits RADI
 Date: 2014-10-17  Page Views:

A World Bank–Morocco delegation visited RADI on September 13 to learn about China’s technologies for managing water resources and adapting to climate change. Consisting of 25 water resources officials and experts including Steven, Deputy Director of the World Bank Water Resources Practice Development Bureau, Ken Chomitz, Senior Advisor for the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank, and Ahmed EL Bouari, Director of Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the delegation, invited by the Ministry of Water Resources of China, aims to learn about China’s technologies and experience in managing water resources of the Haihe River basin.

On the morning of the day, keynote reports were made by Prof. WU Bingfang, head of RADI Digital Agriculture & Global Disasters Research Division; Driss El Hadani, Director of Royal Centre for Remote Sensing, Morocco; and Dr. Ahmed Erraji of the Center. Their reports were respectively entitled “Development of Remote Sensing Evapotranspiration Models and their Application in the Haihe River Basin”, “Sustainable Use of Water Resources in the Haihe River Basin and the Turpan Basin”, and “Morocco’s Remote Sensing ET Management Experience”. Members of the delegation had in-depth discussions with RADI researchers on related issues such as remote sensing technology and its application in the Haihe River Basin, application method and platform construction for river basin water resources management, etc.

With the support of GEF, NSFC and CAS knowledge innovation projects, the RADI Digital Agriculture & Global Disasters Research Division developed ETWatch, an evapotranspiration remote sensing monitoring system, and created new concepts of water consumption management, thus providing a strong data support and efficient tools for the strategic research on water resources and water environment of the Haihe River Basin and for the implementation of the action plan.

World Bank – Morocco delegation visits RADI.


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