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PEEX Beijing Workshop Held at RADI
 Date: 2013-11-26  Page Views:

Co-hosted by RADI and the China Science Center of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, this year’s Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) Beijing Workshop was held at RADI from November 20 to 21.   

The first session of the workshop took place on November 20 at RADI campus in Beijing Advanced Technology Facility, CAS. The session was presided over by Academician Valery G. BONDUR from the Research Institute for Aerospace Monitoring, Russia; Professor Markku Tapio KULMALA from the University of Helsinki, Finland; and CAS Academician GUO Huadong from RADI. More than 10 experts from Finland, Russia and China attended the session, including Academician LI Chongyin from CAS, and Academicians LIAO Ke and PENG Gongbing from the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences. The background, research fields, main participating institutions and organizational framework of PEEX were introduced and the future development of PEEX was discussed at the meeting.

The second session was held on the following day at RADI campus in Olympic Village S&T Park and was attended by 20-plus Chinese and foreign experts from related fields. Twelve experts delivered academic reports on climate change, ecological systems, satellite remote sensing, integrated observation systems, and other topics. They reaffirmed the necessity of PEEX and reviewed the existing research data and achievements. The reports not only covered a wide range of subjects but also reflected the latest progress in the research of global change.

At the two-day workshop the experts had extensive discussions and reached a consensus on the implementation plan and study area of PEEX. They agreed that experts of all countries should strengthen cooperation in the study on future Earth, air quality, water resources, carbon and nitrogen budgets, and related areas to make greater contributions to research on global climate change. The conference gave a strong impetus to the implementation of the PEEX program in China, reported the major contributions made by Chinese scientists to the development of the program, and enhanced academic cooperation and exchange between scientists of different countries in research on global change. The conference decided to establish the PEEX Beijing Office which would be based at RADI.

Initiated by multiple research institutions of Europe, Russia and China, PEEX is a multidisciplinary international cooperation programme covering the fields of climate change, air quality, environmental change, etc., with a focus on the Pan-Eurasian region. The program aims to address the challenges of global climate change and economic globalization by deepening the understanding of such issues as climate change, air quality deterioration, loss of biodiversity, chemical pollution, acidification, food shortage, energy production, and clean fresh water. It pays special attention to the increasingly important function of boreal forests in the northern hemisphere and the Arctic region within the context of global climate change. The first and second PEEX conferences were convened in Helsinki, Finland, and Moscow, Russia, in October 2012 and February 2013, respectively. The next workshop will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia, in March 2014.

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