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CAO Chunxiang
 Date: 2014-01-08  Page Views:

Current Appointment: Professor, Director of the Department of Environment Health Remote Sensing, State Key Lab of Resources and Environmental Information System (LREIS), Institute of Remote sensing and Digital Earth(RADI), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

PH.D, Environmental Planning and Remote Sensing, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Hiroshima University, Japan,2000

(Doctoral thesis: Assessment of Forest Resources Using Remote Sensing Data)

MS.C, Forest Remote Sensing, Faculty of Agriculture Forestry Studies, Kyoto Prefectural University, Japan, 1996

(Master's thesis: リモートセンシングデータによる広領域の森林管理のシステムに関する研究)

BS.C, Department of Forestry, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China, 1986

Areas of Specialization:
Research field is diagnosis of environmental health by remote sensing, mainly including forest remote sensing, quantitative remote sensing inversion of ecological environmental parameters, and public health research using spatial information technology. The detailed research interests are given below:

     Forest structure parameters and biomass inversion

     Eco-environmental parameters inversion based on spatial information technology;

     Research on infectious disease space-time modeling and public health  using spatial information technology.

Academic Awards
    The third prize in the 9th Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference

         The provincial second prize, as eighth participant of the project “Remote Sensing based Black Beach Survey of Three Rivers   area in Qinghai” The provincial second prize, as principle investigator of the project “Research on the remote sensing based  rapid detection technology of metallogenic belt in East Kunlun Mountains in Qinghai”

        The prize of “Health ambassador” in the twelfth large-scale public activities of the new century female healthy life

Society Appointments:

·           Expert of the Group for the domination of Earth observation in project 863 (National High Technology Research and Development Program of China)

·           Expert of the Group for civilian space projects, National Defense Science and Technology Industrial Development Bureau

·           Expert of Forest Remote Sensing, State Forestry Bureau

·           Special Term Professor of Boston University, USA

·           Reviewer of International journal of Remote Sensing

·           Reviewer of Journal of Science China

·           Reviewer of Journal of Earth Information Science

·           Member of Geographical Society of China (IGU)

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Major Research Projects:
1.    National 863 project (NO.2013AA12A302): The global quantitative remote sensing production system in typical application fields, Principal person.

2.    National Natural Science Foundation of China (41171330):The research on correlation analysis between the risk of sudden oak death and forest health in china, Principal person.

3.    National 973 project (NO.2007CB714400): Inversion theories and methods by active and passive remote sensing for the elements of ecological environment.

4.    National Science & Technology Key Project (2008ZX10004012):The research on multidimensional information integration analysis and transmission of infectious diseases risk prediction.

5.    Evaluation system of the wetland ecosystemState forestry administration, P.R.China, principal person.

Office Address:
20 Da Tun Road
Beijing 100101
People's Republic of China
Telephone: 86-10-64836205

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