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115th RADI Academic Forum Focuses on Precision Agricu...
115th RADI Academic Forum Focuses on Precision Agricultural Aviation
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115th RADI Academic Forum Focuses on Precision Agricultural Aviation

On March 31, Dr. LAN Yubin from the South China Agricultural University was invited to deliver a keynote speech titled "Precision Agricultural Aviation: Current and Future" at the 115th Academic Forum of Earth Observation and Digital Earth of RADI, which was chaired by Prof. HUANG Wenjiang, deputy director of CAS Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Science.

Prof. Lan firstly introduced the precision agricultural aviation, which involves the applications of remote sensing and geographic information system for precision aviation spray, and is conducted by aviation aircrafts under the guidance of a prescription map derived from satellite-airborne-ground Earth observation.

Compared with traditional human labor spray, aviation spray sharply reduces labor and costs. Moreover, aviation spray is conducted on a solid scientific basis that uses rational quantity of pesticide, therefore it drastically reduces environmental pollution and contributes greatly to the agricultural sustainable development.

Then he briefed the research and application of precision agricultural aviation in China and other countries such as Japan, Korea and the USA. Dr. Lan introduced some joint laboratories and test network from the perspective of scientific research in China. In terms of application, he portrayed a promising outlook of using aviation industry for plant protection.

Finally, he presented the challenges of precision agricultural aviation related to real time image-processing, multi-sensor data fusion technology and user-friendly related industry area.

Dr. Lan is a renowned expert supported by the National Thousand Talents Program, professor of South China Agricultural University, director and chief scientist of Sino-US joint laboratory of spraying techniques, senior researcher of USDA, as well as adjunct professor and PhD supervisor in Texas A&M University and Texas AgriLife Research Center. He has a long-term research and application experience in precision agricultural aviation, spraying techniques and airborne remote sensing techniques. He has published over 260 academic papers including more than 100 SCI / EI papers.

A scene of the forum.

Types of aviation aircraft used for aviation spray in domestic market.