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115th RADI Academic Forum Focuses on Precision Agricultural Aviation
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113th RADI Academic Forum Focuses on Detecting Vegetation Phenology Change by Remote Sensing
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113th RADI Academic Forum Focuses on Detecting Vegetation Phenology Change by Remote Sensing

On 24 March 2016, Prof. Chen Jin, a renowned remote sensing scientist from the Beijing Normal University, delivered a keynote speech with the title of "Detection of vegetation phenology change by RS and its applications" at the 113th Academic Forum of Earth Observation and Digital Earth of RADI, which was chaired by Prof. HUANG Wenjiang, deputy director of CAS Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Science.

Prof. Chen briefed the background of phenology by describing phenology as a “leading indicator” of climate change impacts. The remotely sensed Vegetation index (VI) data such as NDVI, closely correlated with green leaf area index (LAI) and green biomass, has been widely used for phenology monitoring.

Then he presented the research progress of his team by using frequent cover MODIS images and fine resolution TM images. His team has developed a new downscaling algorithm to produce high spatial resolution NDVI time-series. His team also developed the Cross-Correlogram Spectral Matching (CCSM) method, which could detect phenology more accurately and drastically enhance the computational efficiency compared to traditional methods.

Finally, Prof. Chen introduced the remote sensing application to detect the vegetation phenology change by a case study of the influence on dust storm and phenology sensitivity.

Prof. Chen is a deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Progress and Resource Ecology with the Beijing Normal University. He received a doctor degree in Engineering from Kyushu University, Japan, and used to work as postdoctoral research fellow in UC Berkeley and National Institute for Environmental Studies of Japan. He has published over 180 academic papers including 98 SCI papers, among which nine papers published on Remote Sensing of Environment, nine on IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing and five on ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. His papers have been cited 2019 times, including the one cited 363 times. Moreover, he has authorized 12 patents.

Prof. Chen Jin delivers an academic report.